Silent Auction

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The Legendary Pele: Autographed and Framed Brazilian National Team Jersey

Starting bid: $1,000.00

6 Person Cooking Class at Lobo Castle with Executive Chef Denise Antico Donlon

Starting bid: $1,200.00

Horse Connection Experience in Malibu

Starting bid: $450.00

Tom Brady Signed and Framed New England Patriots Jersey

Starting bid: $1,800.00

The Beatles: A Timeless Tribute with Laser Engraved Signatures

Starting bid: $325.00

LA Choker by Jewelry Kharly.Art

Starting bid: $60.00

Exclusive Family Portrait Session

Starting bid: $770.00

Kobe Bryant Tribute – A Legacy Framed in Time

Starting bid: $325.00

LeBron James: A Rookie Card Tribute to a Living Legend

Starting bid: $225.00

Muhammad Ali: A Symbol of Greatness – Signed, Framed, and Legendary

Starting bid: $450.00

Maze Room: Embark on an Unforgettable Adventure!

Starting bid: $156.00

A framed Lakers jersey, signed by the legendary Shaquille O’Neal.

Starting bid: $575.00