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Andrey Gogauzer

Andrey Gogauzer is a distinguished professional with a diverse background encompassing finance, investment, entrepreneurship, and a deep personal connection to autism. He holds a degree in Economics from California State University, Northridge (CSUN), where he honed his analytical and strategic skills.

With his solid educational foundation, Andrey embarked on a successful career in the financial sector. He gained valuable experience working at AIG Corporation A, a prominent multinational insurance and finance corporation. During his tenure, he demonstrated exceptional acumen as a financier, contributing to the company’s financial strategies and investment decisions.

Driven by a desire to make a positive impact and armed with his financial expertise, Andrey ventured into entrepreneurship. His entrepreneurial endeavors allowed him to leverage his skills in identifying investment opportunities, managing financial risks, and fostering business growth. Through his ventures, he has displayed a keen ability to navigate the dynamic business landscape and create value.

However, it is Andrey’s personal connection to autism that has shaped his trajectory and fueled his commitment to making a difference in the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum. His profound understanding of autism, combined with his financial and entrepreneurial expertise, led him to assume the role of President at Ahead with Autism, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing cutting-edge education and support for individuals with autism and their families.

In his capacity as President, Andrey brings a unique perspective and a deep sense of empathy to his leadership role. He is dedicated to ensuring that Ahead with Autism remains at the forefront of innovative approaches, compassionate care, and well-informed support for individuals diagnosed with autism. Through his strategic vision and commitment, he strives to make a lasting and meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by autism.

Andrey Gogauzer multifaceted career, combined with his personal connection to autism, has positioned him as a highly respected leader and advocate. His ability to merge his financial expertise, entrepreneurial mindset, and passion for making a difference has driven his success in both the business world and the nonprofit sector. With his remarkable blend of professional achievements and personal dedication, Andrey is poised to continue positively impacting the autism community through his role as President of Ahead with Autism.